Attention all Type O Negative fans!


Okay. Here’s one! Favorite TON albums. IN ORDER. 1 is your favorite one of all. 7 is one you like but maybe don’t listen to like you do the others (this doesn’t include The Least Worst Of or singles). Choose wisely (hee hee) >:)

  1. October Rust
  2. Bloody Kisses
  3. World Coming Down
  4. Life Is Killing Me

Let’s keep this one going:

1) Bloody Kisses

2) World Coming Down

3) October Rust

4) Dead Again

5) Slow Deep and Hard

6) Origin of the Feces

7) Life is Killing Me

Not that i don’t like Life is Killing Me, just that it’s so bleak and personal, it’s hard to listen to when you know what Pete was going through when He wrote it…


Wrote a list and deleted it, literally cannot put them in order without wanting to change it.

Timberland shoes are fucking disgusting

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Elias, Iceage @ The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, London, 2013.

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